Engineering Dean of The Citadel Refers to Black Holes in the Department

Following the presentation of the “Dark Matters” paper on June 27, 2016, the Dean of Engineering at The Citadel, Dr. Ronald Welch, picked up on the metaphor of black holes within academic departments, and used it within his presentation. Dr. Welch offered solutions based on programs that have been recently implemented at The Citadel, and he continued to utilize our metaphor and how his programs offered energy that can come out of a black hole. (See, for the connection.)

Promoting Engagement through Innovative and Pragmatic Programs [view paper] by, Dr. Ronald W. Welch (The Citadel), Ally Kindel Martin (The Citadel), Dr. Kevin C Bower P.E. (The Citadel), and Dr. Robert J. Rabb P.E. (The Citadel)

Photo Credit: Date: 22 October 2001, Copyright: NASA, Dana Berry. This artist’s impression illustrates how a black hole system, MCG-6-30-15, may look. Energy may escape from a black hole when it is in a strong magnetic field which exerts a braking effect.

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